Look how de sun now raisin’ up,

an de crowd now wakin’ up,

De atmosphere have vibes,

and nutten cyah break it up…

~ Bunji Garlin (nuff said)

We’ve gotta say thanks to our founding DJ… JUSJASE

for 6 straight years of pump!

This is our Lucky 7 Year…. The cast will include more DJs, and MORE PUMP !!!

Color, vivid color!

We luv paint!

Easy on, easy off… know what we mean?

We Are Jouvert

7 Straight Years

Its been 7 straight years of pump and paint!

From Trinidad to Barbados (BIM) to the USA (Miami), we've left painted bodies from Japan to Germany.

And we 'aint done yet !!! We want to leave a smile on your face whenever you think of J'ouvert


camp is    ---OPEN---   4 pm-till